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unique display frames

Canaframe designs and manufactures unique display frames

Your posting will be protected by a transparent durable screen. Our patented magnetic opening system operated with a suction cup allows the easiest, safest and quickest posting on the market, requiring no physical strength.

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aluminum or PVC display frames

The CL20, aluminum or PVC display frames

A classic that will last through the years, various finishes of aluminum and PVC moulding are available to choose from as well as a large selection of corners. It is commonly used for both indoor and outdoor posting. This poster frame is highly appreciated by restaurant owners, schools and hospitals board, commercial and residential building's managements. 3 year guarantee

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aluminum display frames

The CL10, aluminum display frames

A classic offered with single or multi window posting. It is commonly used for both indoor and outdoor posting. This poster frame can be used to display point of sale advertising, menus, schedules, calendars, special events, memos, signage . 3 year guarantee

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Wood display frames

The CL Wood display frames

A classic made of two and a half inches tinted maple wood moulding. This indoor poster frame allies the warmth of a noble material and the modernity of our clever posting system. It is mostly used by hospitality and restaurant industries. It is displayed in hotels, restaurants, spas, offices and elderly residences to create a warm and contemporary interior. 3 year guarantee

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Monoshell display frames

The LF Monoshell display frames

A PVC frame designed to answer the needs of a clientele willing to get a professional and modern posting system while respecting a moderate budget. This indoor poster frame offers a variety of customization. It can be adapted to multi window posting or counter display. It can also be printed with a color or pattern of your choice. 1 year guarantee

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aluminum display frames

The GP2 aluminum display frames

An aluminum frame especially designed for out-of-home advertising. It is manufactured with an anodized extruded aluminum moulding and thermo-lacquered zinc-injected corners. You can choose to use it as a poster frame, single or double sided display or, you can use it as a bulletin board to display more than one sheet or poster of different sizes. 3 year guarantee

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Back light boxes display

Back light boxes display

Enlighten your space and your posting with our luminous boxes. The boxes are manufactured with an aluminum profile and are lit with T5 neon or Led. Our diffuser allows a bright and uniform lighting for your menu board, logo, movie poster. 1 year guarantee.
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Display stands

Display stands

You can enlarge your posting area with our different models of floor stand. All our display frames can be installed on a sturdy steel stand made of an elliptic base and two sixty inches high poles. This floor stand allows you to display one or two frames, as well as brochure displays and banner signs. We also developed the A-Frame display, a double sided sandwich board which is ideal for the retail, restaurant and tourism industry. Our sign stands are sturdy, very stable and their elegance will emphasize your advertising.

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Custom display frames

Custom display frames

If our classic line cannot answer your needs due to unusual size, shape, color, specification or technical restrictions, we can design and manufacture a frame especially tailored to your requirements. Our vast experience in special projects for a variety of customers from different industries will allow us to find the best solution for your project.

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Display Frames are available for all cities in Canada. (Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, and more)